The Hardest to Buy Gifts of the 2016 Holiday Season

By Scott

Here's a list of what we think will be the most likely products to sell out before this holiday season. Some are already on backorder so if you plan on buying one of the following we encourage you not to wait!

Hot Gift #1: Nintendo Classic

Nintendo Classic Anyone who grew up a kid in the 80s is going to immediately have flashbacks playing some of the most iconic and classic nintendo games. Built into a tiny form factor, the NES Classic Edition comes with all you need to play 30 of the best original Nintendo games. Priced at $59.99 and sold out most everywhere the time of this writing, your best bet may be ebay.
Check Best Buy Walmart Ebay

Hot Gift #2: Google Pixel

Google Pixel If you are an Android enthusiast and have always been hoping for a phone to come out to legitimately challenge the Iphone, your best bet has traditionally been the Samsung Galaxy S Series. But this year Google released their own high end line of phones coming in at 5" ($649) and 5.5" ($769). They are sleek, have a beautiful AMOLED screen, the best camera you can find on a cell phone (rated by dxomobile), and Google's own AI assistant (which is actually useful compared to Siri). And unlike Apple, both size variants have all the same features, so those with smaller hands don't get robbed of the best features! Google Online

Hot Gift #3: Hatchimals

Gift Hatchimals So these are all the rage with the little ones. I can't say I think this is the best or most interesting toy for your kids, but it is really popular, and getting your hands on one this Christmas will be pretty tough. What are they? Remember Tamagochi? The little digital egg creature you spent hours and hours raising on a keychain? Well, this is the same thing, only brought to life in the shape of a bird-like furball that comes in a pre-hatched egg. Reviews are mixed, but sometimes your kids may not give you a choice. Check Target Amazon

Hot Gift #4: Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles Gift Idea Sold only via pop-up stores, these sunglasses with a built in camera have snapchat loyalists pitching tents to camp in line. With pop-ups in southern LA and Big Sur, the most recent store in now in NYC. Good luck getting your hands on one! Snapchat Site